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1996Changes of the mucosal N3 and N6 fatty acid status occur early in the colorectal adenoma-carcinoma sequenceFernández Bañares, Fernando; Esteve i Comas, Maria; Navarro, E.; Cabré i Gelada, Eduard; Bosch i Genover, Jaume; Abad, Águeda; Klaassen, J.; Planas, R.; Humbert Yagüe, Pere; Pastor, C.; Gassull, Miquel Àngel
1993Polymeric enteral diets as primary treatment of active Crohn's disease: a prospective steroid controlled trial.González-Huix Lladó, Ferran; León, R. de; Fernández Bañares, Fernando; Esteve i Comas, Maria; Cabré i Gelada, Eduard; Acero i Fernández, Doroteo; Abad, Águeda; Figa, M.; Guilera Sardà, Magda; Planas Vilà, Ramon; Gassull, Miquel Àngel
2006Spectrum of gluten sensitive enteropathy in first degree relatives of patients with coeliac disease: clinical relevance of lymphocytic enteritis.Esteve i Comas, Maria; Rosinach, M.; Fernández Bañares, Fernando; Farré i Masip, Carme; Salas Martínez, Azucena; Alsina, M.; Vilar, P.; Abad, Águeda; Forné Bardera, Montserrat; Mariné, M.; Santaolalla Sala, Rebeca; Espinós, J. C.; Viver i Pi-Suñer, Josep M.