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6-Apr-2017Comparison of two prognostic scores (BSI and FACED) in a Spanish cohort of adult patients with bronchiectasis and improvement of the FACED predictive capacity for exacerbationsRosales Mayor, Edmundo; Polverino, Eva; Raguer, Laura; Alcaraz, Victoria; Gabarrus, Albert; Ranzani, Otavio; Menendez, Rosario; Torres Martí, Antoni
15-Jun-2017Treatment with macrolides and glucocorticosteroids in severe community-acquired pneumonia: A post-hoc exploratory analysis of a randomized controlled trialCeccato, Adrian; Cillóniz, Catia; Ranzani, Otavio T.; Menendez, Rosario; Agusti, Carles; Gabarrus, Albert; Ferrer, Miquel; Sibila, Oriol; Niederman, Michael S.; Torres Martí, Antoni