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2016An interferon regulated microRNA provides cell-intrinsec anti-viral immunity through multihit host-directed targeting of the sterol pathwayRobertson, Kevin A; Hsieh, Wei Yuan; Forster, Thorsten; Blanc, Mathieu; Lu, Hongjin; Crick, Peter J; Yutuc, Eylan; Watterson, Steven; Martin, Kimberly; Griffiths, Samantha J; Enright, Anton J; Yamamoto, Mami; Pradeepa, Madapura M; Lennox, Kimberly A; Behlke, Mark A; Talbot, Simon; Haas, Jürgen; Dolken, Lars; Griffiths, William J; Wang, Yuqin; Angulo Aguado, Ana; Ghazal, Peter