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1-Dec-2016Human papillomavirus detection in cervical neoplasia attributed to 12 high-risk human papillomavirus genotypes by regionCastellsagué, Xavier; Ault, Kevin A.; Bosch José, Francesc Xavier, 1947-; Brown, Darron; Cuzick, Jack; Ferris, Daron G.; Joura, Elmar A.; Garland, Suzanne M.; Giuliano, Anna R.; Hernández Avila, Mauricio; Huh, Warner; Iversen, Ole-Erik; Kjaer, Susanne K.; Luna, Joaquin; Monsonego, Joseph; Muñoz, Nubia; Myers, Evan; Paavonen, Jorma; Pitisuttihum, Punnee; Steben, Marc; Wheeler, Cosette M.; Perez, Gonzalo; Saah, Alfred; Luxembourg, Alain; Sings, Heather L.; Velicer, Christine
19-Nov-2013Natural history of progression of HPV infection to cervical lesion or clearance: analysis of the control arm of the large, randomised PATRICIA studyJaisamrarn, Unnop; Castellsagué, Xavier; Garland, Suzanne M.; Naud, Paulo; Palmroth, Johanna; Rosario Raymundo, María Rowena; Wheeler, Cosette M.; Salmerón, Jorge; Chow, Song-Nan; Apter, Dan; Teixeira, Julio C.; Skinner, S Rachel; Hedrick, James; Szarewski, Anne; Romanowski, Barbara; Aoki, Fred Y.; Schwarz, Tino F.; Poppe, Willy A. J.; Bosch Aparici, Francisco Javier; Carvalho, Newton S.; Germar, Maria Julieta; Peters, Klaus; Paavonen, Jorma; Bozonnat, Marie Cecile; Descamps, Dominique; Struyf, Frank; Dubin, Gary O.; Rosillon, Dominique; Baril, Laurence
30-Oct-2014Risk of first cervical HPV infection and pre-cancerous lesions after onset of sexual activity: analysis of women in the control arm of the randomized, controlled PATRICIA trialCastellsagué, Xavier; Paavonen, Jorma; Jaisamrarn, Unnop; Wheeler, Cosette M.; Skinner, S Rachel; Lehtinen, Matti; Naud, Paulo; Chow, Song-Nan; Rosario Raymundo, María Rowena; Teixeira, Julio C.; Palmroth, Johanna; Carvalho, Newton S.; Germar, Maria Julieta; Peters, Klaus; Garland, Suzanne M.; Szarewski, Anne; Poppe, Willy A. J.; Romanowski, Barbara; Schwarz, Tino F.; Tjalma, Wiebren A.; Bosch Aparici, Francisco Javier; Bozonnat, Marie Cecile; Struyf, Frank; Dubin, Gary O.; Rosillon, Dominique; Baril, Laurence; HPV PATRICIA Study Group (Torné, A.)