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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-May-2013The biological family from the perspective of kinship fostered adolescentsFuentes-Peláez, Núria; Amorós, Pere; Mateos Inchaurrondo, Ainoa; Balsells, M. Àngels; Violant, Verónica
3-Oct-2012The Perception Adolescents in Kinship Foster Care Have of their Own NeedsMateos Inchaurrondo, Ainoa; Balsells, M. Àngels; Molina, M. Cruz (María Cruz); Fuentes-Peláez, Núria
2016'They didn't tell me anything; they just sent me home': children's participation in the return homeMateos Inchaurrondo, Ainoa; Vaquero Tió, Eduard; Balsells, M. Àngels; Ponce, Carmen
2018Walking family: Programme of parental skills during foster care and reunification. Summary of main findings of the Project I+D EDU2014-52921-C2. [Infographics]Balsells, M. Àngels; Fuentes-Peláez, Núria; Pastor Vicente, Crescencia; Amorós, Pere; Ponce, Carmen; Molina, M. Cruz (María Cruz); del Campo, Jaime; Mateos Inchaurrondo, Ainoa; Sanz, Clara; Vaquero Tió, Eduard; Mateo Gomà, María Isabel; Urrea Monclús, Aída; Mundet Bolós, Anna; Rodríguez, Julio; Parra Ramajo, Belén; Milani, Paola; Vázquez, Noelia; Sebba, Judy; Cojocaru, Daniela; Almeida, Ana; Fernández, José Miguel; Martins, P.C.; Navajas, Alicia; Carneiro, Ana Maria; Fernández-Rodrigo, Laura; Ciurana, Anna; Pérez, Sara; Magalhães, Laura