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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Acyclic directed graphs based on residue curves for feasability analysisBonet i Ruiz, Jordi; Plesu, Valentin; Bonet Ruiz, Alexandra; Iancu, Petrica; Llorens Llacuna, Joan
Jun-2014Biodiesel synthesis from various kinds of oils and fatsSubirana Puigcasas, Joan
Jun-2019Comparative analysis of Extractive Distillation and Pressure Swing Distillation for different azeotropic mixturesEl Badaoui Martinez, Miriam
24-Nov-2006Contribution à l'étude de la transestérification de l'acétate de méthyle par distillation réactiveBonet i Ruiz, Jordi
Jan-2019Contribution to the study of biological products extraction of industrial interestTorralba Torrón, Jonathan
Jun-2015Contribution to the study of electronic decapsulationSánchez López, Sergi
Feb-2018Contribution to the Study of Methyl Acetate Transesterification by Reactive Pressure-Swing DistillationRisco Morillo, Alvaro
Jun-2019Contribution to the study of minimum extractor agent flow rateYañez Gaya, Oriol
2020Development status of global marine wind energy and contribution to the future development in SpainLlin Brosa, Marc
Jan-2018Efficiency assessment of chemical processes: Reactor and separation.Marín González, Kevin
30-Sep-2019Energy consumption in sharp and non-sharp splits of ideal ternary mixturesExpósito, Sergi; Bonet i Ruiz, Jordi; Bonet Ruiz, Alexandra; Llorens Llacuna, Joan; Iancu, Petrica; Plesu, Valentin
Jun-2016Fluid circulation simulation in heat exchanger pipes of double tube: from cylindrical smooth surface to finned tubesMartín García, Jesús
Jun-2016Fluid circulation simulation in heat exchangers: Shell and tube (CFD - ANSYS®)Minella Sivill, Gerard
30-Oct-2019Hydration of cyclohexene to cyclohexanol in a hybrid reactive distillation with a side decanterMarchante, Ivan; Bonet Ruiz, Alexandra; Plesu, Valentin; Bonet i Ruiz, Jordi; Iancu, Petricia; Llorens Llacuna, Joan
1-Aug-2018Immission assessment inside an industrial ventilated room using CFDPlesu, Valentin; Bonet Ruiz, Alexandra; Bonet i Ruiz, Jordi; Iancu, Petrica; Becerra, Laura I.; Llorens Llacuna, Joan
30-Oct-2019Integrated reaction-separation processes sequencing and screening at early stages of designMarin, Kevin; Bonet i Ruiz, Jordi; Bonet Ruiz, Alexandra; Plesu Popescu, Alexandra Elena; Iancu, Petricia; Llorens Llacuna, Joan
2020Introducing Eco-gamma: A novel environmental impact index for water quantity and quality evaluationQuezada Prado, Mauricio Daniel
2013Minimum number of transfer units and reboiler duty for multicomponent distillation columnsPlesu, Valentin; Bonet Ruiz, Alexandra; Bonet i Ruiz, Jordi; Llorens Llacuna, Joan; Iancu, Petrica
2012Modelling and experiments for application of catalytic distillation to TAME synthesisBonet Ruiz, Alexandra; Bonet i Ruiz, Jordi; Bozga, Grigore; Llorens Llacuna, Joan; Plesu, Valentin; Tuluc, Alexandru; Bumbac, Gheorghe; Muscalu, Constantin
Jun-2018Optimal Pressure for Pressure Swing DistillationHeydenreich Duró, Julia Amalia