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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Dec-2017The equation of state for the nucleonic and hyperonic core of neutron starsTolós Rigueiro, Laura; Centelles Aixalà, Mario; Ramos Gómez, Àngels
2010The influence of the symmetry energy on the giant monopole resonance of neutron-rich nuclei analyzed in Thomas-Fermi theoryCentelles Aixalà, Mario; Patra, S. K.; Roca Maza, Xavier; Sharma, B. K.; Stevenson, P. D.; Viñas Gausí, Xavier
8-Dec-2015The neutron skin thickness from the measured electric dipole polarizability in 68Ni, 120Sn, and 208PbRoca Maza, Xavier; Viñas Gausí, Xavier; Centelles Aixalà, Mario; Brenna, M.; Agrawal, B. K.; Colò, G.; Paar, N.; Piekarewicz, J.; Vretenar, D.
2008Theoretical study of elastic electron scattering off stable and exotic nucleiRoca Maza, Xavier; Centelles Aixalà, Mario; Salvat Gavaldà, Francesc; Viñas Gausí, Xavier
2007Thomas-Fermi theory for atomic nuclei revisitedCentelles Aixalà, Mario; Schuck, Peter; Viñas Gausí, Xavier
27-Nov-2015Unified equation of state for neutron stars on a microscopic basisSharma, B. K.; Centelles Aixalà, Mario; Viñas Gausí, Xavier; Baldo, M.; Burgio, G. M.
1997Variational Wigner-Kirkwood approach to relativistic mean field theoryEstal, Manuel del; Centelles Aixalà, Mario; Viñas Gausí, Xavier
2004Versatility of field theory motivated nuclear effective Lagrangian approachArumugam, P.; Sharma, B. K.; Sahu, P. K.; Patra, S. K.; Sil, Tapas; Centelles Aixalà, Mario; Viñas Gausí, Xavier