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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2016Technology for noninvasive mechanical ventilation: looking into the black boxFarré Ventura, Ramon; Navajas Navarro, Daniel; Montserrat Canal, José Ma.
2009Thermal activation and ATP dependence of the cytoskeleton remodeling dynamicsFarré Ventura, Ramon; Navajas Navarro, Daniel
2005Thrombin and histamine induce stiffening of alveolar epithelial cells.Trepat Guixer, Xavier; Grabulosa Descals, Mireia; Buscemi Estefanell, Lara; Rico Camps, Félix; Farré Ventura, Ramon; Navajas Navarro, Daniel
2006Thrombin-induced contraction in alveolar epithelial cells probed by traction microscopyGavara i Casas, Núria; Sunyer, Raimon; Roca-Cusachs Soulere, Pere; Farré Ventura, Ramon; Rotger i Estapé, Maria del Mar; Navajas Navarro, Daniel