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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jan-2014Income inequality in historial perspective. Portugal (1890‐2006)Guilera Rafecas, Jordi
2002Infraestructuras y desarrollo económico en el Pirineo Central (1850-2000)Herranz Loncán, Alfonso
Jul-1998Infraestructuras y desarrollo económico en España, 1860-1936Herranz Loncán, Alfonso
2-Jun-2004Infrastructure and Economic Growth in Spain, 1845-1935Herranz Loncán, Alfonso
22-Jan-2003Infrastructure and economic growth in Spain: 1845-1935Herranz Loncán, Alfonso
2007Infrastructure Investment and Spanish Economic Growth, 1850-1935Herranz Loncán, Alfonso
2005La reducción de los costes de transporte en España (1800-1936)Herranz Loncán, Alfonso
29-Oct-2010Market Integration and Regional Inequality in Spain, 1860-1930Martínez Galarraga, Julio
21-Oct-2015Military spending, institutional stability and fiscal capacity. Spain in comparative perspective (1850-2009)Sabaté Domingo, Oriol
Sep-2012Pork Barrel politics in semi-democracies: the Spanish 'Parlamentary roads', 1874-1915Curto Grau, Marta; Herranz Loncán, Alfonso; Solé Ollé, Albert
2006Railroad Impact in Backward Economies: Spain, 1850-1913Herranz Loncán, Alfonso
5-Apr-2016Regional income inequality in Mexico, 1895-2010Aguilar Retureta, José
2002Sevket Pamuk y Jeffrey G. Wiliamson (eds.), The Mediterranean Response to Globalization before 1950, Routledge, Londres, 2000, 430 pp. [Ressenya de llibre]Herranz Loncán, Alfonso
27-Jan-2016Tax System and Redistribution: the Spanish Fiscal Transition (1960-1990)Torregrosa-Hetland, Sara
Dec-2015The Empire Trap. The Rise and Fall of U.S. Intervention to Protect American Property Overseas, 1893-2013. By Noel Maurer. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2013 [Ressenya de llibre]Herranz Loncán, Alfonso
2010The political economy of infrastructure construction: The Spanish “Parliamentary Roads” (1880-1914)Curto Grau, Marta; Herranz Loncán, Alfonso; Solé Ollé, Albert
21-Dec-2011The Role of Railways in Export-Led Growth: The Case of Uruguay, 1870-1913Herranz Loncán, Alfonso
2006The Spanish Infrastructure Stock, 1844-1935Herranz Loncán, Alfonso
2007The Spatial Distribution of Spanish Transport Infrastructure between 1860 and 1930Herranz Loncán, Alfonso
Apr-2012Tindara Addabbo, Marie-Pierre Arrizabalaga, Cristina Borderías y Alastair Owens (eds.), Gender Inequalities, Households and the Production of Well-being in Modern EuropeHerranz Loncán, Alfonso