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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015On the principles of multicellular organism developmentFrigola Tubert, David; Sancho, José M.; Ibañes Miguez, Marta
29-Apr-2013Pattern formation through lateral inhibition mediated by Notch signalingFormosa Jordan, Pau
Jan-2018Patterning by a morphogen gradient and lateral inhibitionCañellas Núñez, Robert
Jun-2016A physical model of cellular self-organizationAlonso Salvat, Adrià
6-May-2009Rheology of complex fluids. Stochastic switches in the galactose signalling networkCasanellas Vilageliu, Laura
14-Oct-2016Spatio-temporal dynamics of intercellular Notch signaling: a modeling approachLuna Escalante, Juan Camilo
Jan-2014Statistical Mechanics on the Regulation of Gene ExpressionMartín Valderrama, Víctor