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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Oct-2018Effect of small water retention structures on diffusive CO2 and CH4 emissions along a highly impounded riverGomez Gener, Luis; Gubau, Marina; von Schiller, Daniel; Marcé Romero, Rafael; Obrador Sala, Biel
Jan-2019Emissions from dry inland waters are a blind spot in the global carbon cycleMarcé Romero, Rafael; Obrador Sala, Biel; Gómez-Gener, Lluis; Catalán García, Núria; Koschorreck, Matthias; Arce, María Isabel; Singer, Gabriel; von Schiller, Daniel
21-Sep-2010Limnología del embalse de Sau. Relaciones del zooplancton, la clorofila y los sólidos en suspensión con el clima lumínico del aguaOrdóñez Salinas, Jaime
13-Apr-2018Temperature effects explain continental scale distribution of cyanobacterial toxinsGomà Martínez, Joan; Trapote, Mari Carmen; Vegas Vilarrúbia, Teresa Elena; Obrador Sala, Biel; Hernández, Armand; Marcé Romero, Rafael; Catalán García, Núria
29-May-2007Ter River influence on Sau Reservoir limnology. Empirical and watershed-scale modelingMarcé Romero, Rafael
2008Using spatially distributed parameters and multi-response objective functions to solve parameterization of complex applications of semi-distributed hydrological modelsMarcé Romero, Rafael; Ruiz, Carlos E.; Armengol, Joan (Armengol Bachero)