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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-2017Natural Docosahexaenoic Acid in the Triglyceride Form Attenuates In Vitro Microglial Activation and Ameliorates Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis in MiceMancera, Pilar; Wappenhans, Blanca; Cordobilla, Begoña; Virgili, Noemi; Pugliese, Marco; Rueda, Fèlix; Espinosa Parrilla, Juan F.; Domingo, Pere (Domingo Pedrol)
2-Oct-2011Oral administration of the KATP channel opener diazoxide ameliorates disease progression in a murine model of multiple sclerosisVirgili, Noemi; Espinosa Parrilla, Juan Francisco; Mancera, Pilar; Pasten-Zamorano, Andrea; Gimeno-Bayon, Javier; Rodríguez Allué, Manuel José; Mahy Gehenne, Josette Nicole; Pugliese, Marco
Oct-2009Pattern of injury with a graded excitotoxic insult and ensuing chronic medial septal damage in the rat brainRodríguez Allué, Manuel José; Prats Galino, Alberto; Malpesa, Y.; Andrés, N.; Pugliese, Marco; Batlle, Montserrat; Mahy Gehenne, Josette Nicole
15-Jun-2013Rapid improvement of canine cognitive dysfunction with immunotherapy designed for Alzheimer's diseaseBosch, N.; Gimeno-Bayon, Javier; Rodríguez Allué, Manuel José; Pugliese, Marco; Mahy Gehenne, Josette Nicole