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17-Apr-2016Behaviour and cognitive changes correlated with hippocampal neuroinflammaging and neuronal markers in female SAMP8, a model of accelerated senescenceGriñán Ferré, Christian; Palomera Ávalos, Verónica; Puigoriol Illamola, Dolors; Camins Espuny, Antoni; Porquet, David; Plá, Virginia; Aguado Tomàs, Fernando; Pallàs i Llibería, Mercè, 1964-
15-Aug-2018Environmental Enrichment Improves Cognitive Deficits, AD Hallmarks and Epigenetic Alterations Presented in 5xFAD Mouse Model.Griñán Ferré, Christian; Izquierdo, Vanesa; Otero Saura, Eduard; Puigoriol Illamola, Dolors; Corpas Expósito, Rubén; Sanfeliu i Pujol, Coral; Ortuño Sahagún, Daniel; Pallàs i Llibería, Mercè, 1964-
18-Jun-2016Environmental Enrichment Modified Epigenetic Mechanisms in SAMP8 Mouse Hippocampus by Reducing Oxidative Stress and Inflammaging and Achieving NeuroprotectionGriñán Ferré, Christian; Puigoriol Illamola, Dolors; Palomera Ávalos, Verónica; Pérez Cáceres, David; Companys Alemany, Júlia; Camins Espuny, Antoni; Ortuño Sahagún, Daniel; Rodrigo, M. Teresa; Pallàs i Llibería, Mercè, 1964-
21-Mar-2016Epigenetic mechanisms underlying cognitive impairment and Alzheimer disease hallmarks in 5XFAD miceGriñán Ferré, Christian; Sarroca, Sara; Ivanova, Aleksandra; Puigoriol Illamola, Dolors; Aguado Tomàs, Fernando; Camins Espuny, Antoni; Sanfeliu i Pujol, Coral; Pallàs i Llibería, Mercè, 1964-
Jun-2015L’Artritis reumatoideBardés López, Josep; León Sánchez, Mariana; Puigoriol Illamola, Dolors; Riutord Fe, Neus; Roura Turet, Judit; Sampedro Garcia, Cristina; Torres Toda, Maria