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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Dec-2014Neurophysiological signatures of the body representation in the brain using Immersive Virtual RealityGonzález Franco, Mar
2013Paranoia and post-traumatic stress disorder in the months after a physical assault: a longitudinal study examining shared and differential predictors.Freeman, D.; Thompson, C.; Vorontsova, N.; Dunn, G.; Carter, L.-A.; Garety, P.; Kuipers, E.; Slater, Mel; Antley, Angus; Glucksman, E.; Ehlers, A.
2009Place illusion and plausibility can lead to realistic behaviour in immersive virtual environmentsSlater, Mel
2010Proxemics with multiple dynamic characters in an immersive virtual environmentLlobera, Joan; Spanlang, Bernhard; Ruffini, Giulio; Slater, Mel
2013Putting yourself in the skin of a black avatar reduces implicit racial bias consciousness and cognitionPeck, Tabitha C.; Seinfeld, Sofia; Aglioti, Salvatore M.; Slater, Mel
Dec-2008Real-Time Global Illumination for VR ApplicationsMortensen, Jesper; Yu, Insu; Khanna, Pankaj; Tecchia, Franco; Marino, Giuseppe; Spanlang, Bernhard; Slater, Mel
14-Feb-2018Reducing risk and improving maternal perspective-taking and empathy using virtual embodimentHamilton-Giachritsis, Catherine; Banakou, Domna; Garcia Quiroga, Manuela; Giachritsis, Christos; Slater, Mel
Mar-2012Reinforcement learning utilizes proxemics: an avatar learns to manipulate the position of people in immersive virtual realityKastanis, Iason; Slater, Mel
2013The relationship between virtual body ownership and temperature sensitivity.Llobera, Joan; Sánchez-Vives, María Victoria; Slater, Mel
15-Jul-2016Robotic Embodiment Developing a System for and Applications with Full Body Ownership of a Humanoid RobotKishore, Sameer
1-Jun-2017Seeing an embodied virtual hand is analgesic contingent on colocationNierula, Birgit; Martini, Matteo; Matamala-Gomez, Marta; Slater, Mel; Sanchez-Vives, Maria V.
2012The Sense of embodiment in virtual realityKilteni, Konstantina; Groten, Raphaela; Slater, Mel
2012Socially anxious and confident men interact with a forward virtual woman: an experiment studyPan, Xueni; Gillies, Marco; Barker, Chris; Clark, David M.; Slater, Mel
21-Dec-2012Stories within Immersive Virtual EnvironmentsLlobera, Joan
27-Feb-2018Synchrony and social connection in immersive Virtual RealityTarr, B.; Slater, Mel; Cohen, E.
10-Apr-2008The Impact of a Character Posture Model on the Communication of Affect in an Immersive Virtual EnvironmentVinayagamoorthy, Vinoba; Steed, Anthony; Slater, Mel
26-Apr-2017The Impact of Virtual Embodiment on Perception, Attitudes, and BehaviourBanakou, Domna
3-Aug-2016The neurological traces of look-alike avatarsGonzález-Franco, Mar; Bellido-Rivas, Anna I.; Blom, Kristopher J.; Slater, Mel; Rodríguez Fornells, Antoni
2016The Responses of medical general practitioners to unreasonable patient demand for antibiotics - A study of medical ethics using immersive virtual realityPan, Xueni; Slater, Mel; Beacco, Alejandro; Navarro, X. (Xavier); Bellido Rivas, Anna Isabel; Swapp, David; Hale, Joanna; George Forbes, Paul Alexander; Denvir, Catrina; Hamilton, Antonia F. de C.; Delacroix, Sylvie
1-Jan-2016The sense of body ownership relaxes temporal constraints for multisensory integrationMaselli, Antonella; Kilteni, Konstantina; López i Moliner, Joan; Slater, Mel