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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Aug-2019Resting state networks in the TgF344-AD rat model of Alzheimer's Disease are altered from early stagesTudela Fernández, Raúl; Muñoz Moreno, Emma; Sala Llonch, Roser; López Gil, Xavier; Soria, Guadalupe
18-Sep-2013The ins and outs of the BCCAo model for chronic hypoperfusion: a multimodal and longitudinal MRI approachSoria, Guadalupe; Tudela Fernández, Raúl; Márquez-Martín, Ana; Camón, Lluïsa; Batallé Bolaño, Dafnis; Muñoz-Moreno, Emma; Eixarch Roca, Elisenda; Puig, Josep; Pedraza, S.; Vila i Calsina, Elisabet; Prats Galino, Alberto; Planas Obradors, Anna Maria
20-Mar-2014The natural hallucinogen 5-MeO-DMT, component of Ayahuasca, disrupts cortical function in rats: reversal by antipsychotic drugsRiga, Maurizio S.; Soria, Guadalupe; Tudela Fernández, Raúl; Artigas Pérez, Francesc; Celada Pedrosa, Paz