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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2010The effect of small airways disease and emphysema on the association between smoking and lung function, and bronchodilator response.Patel, B. D.; Coxson, Harvey O.; Camp, P. G.; Pillai, S. G.; Agustí García-Navarro, Àlvar; Calverley, Peter M.; Donner, C. F.; Make, B. J.; Müller, N. L.; Rennard, Stephen I.; Vestbo, Jørgen; Wouters, Emiel; Anderson, W. H.; Paré, P. D.; Levy, R. D.; Silverman, Edwin K.; Lomas, David A.
1-Oct-2014Withdrawal of inhaled glucocorticoids and exacerbations of COPDMagnussen, Helgo; Disse, Bernd; Rodriguez Roisin, Roberto; Kirsten, Anne; Watz, Henrik; Tetzlaff, Kay; Towse, Lesley; Finnigan, Helen; Dahl, Ronald; Decramer, Marc; Chanez, Pascal; Wouters, Emiel; Calverley, Peter M.