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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Oct-2012Adapting to a changing world: Unraveling the role of man-made habitats as alternative feeding areas for Slender-billed Gull (Chroicocephalus genei)Ramírez Benítez, Francisco José; Navarro, J.; Afán Asencio, Isabel; Delgado, A.; Hobson, K.A.; Forero, M.G.
10-Oct-2016Ecological response of marine predators to environmental heterogeneity and spatio-temporal variability in resource availabilityAfán Asencio, Isabel
3-Jul-2017Sea ice phenology and primary productivity pulses shape breeding success in Arctic seabirdsRamírez Benítez, Francisco José; Tarroux, A.; Hovinen, J.; Navarro, J.; Afán Asencio, Isabel; Forero, M.G.; Descamps, S.
2000Senecio pterophorus DC., a new alien species in the European mainlandPino i Vilalta, Joan; Afán Asencio, Isabel; Sans, Xavier (Sans i Serra); Gutiérrez i Perearnau, Cèsar