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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Mar-2021Carbon-stabilized porous silicon as novel voltammetric sensor platformsPérez Ràfols, Clara; Guo, Keying; Alba, María D.; Toh, Rou Jun; Serrano i Plana, Núria; Voelcker, Nicolas H.; Prieto Simón, Beatriu
Sep-2012Effects of the presence of Fe(0) on the sorption of lanthanum and lutetium mixtures in smectitesGalunin, Evgeny; Alba, María D.; Santos, Maria J.; Vidal Espinar, Miquel
28-Feb-2011Examination of competitive lanthanide sorption onto smectites and its significance in the management of radioactive wasteGalunin, Evgeny; Alba, María D.; Santos, Maria J.; Abrao, Taufik; Vidal Espinar, Miquel
10-Feb-2012Remediation of metal-contaminated soils with the addition of materials. Part 2: Leaching tests to evaluate the efficiency of materials in the remediation of contaminated soilsGonzález Núñez, Raquel; Alba, María D.; Orta, M. M.; Vidal Espinar, Miquel; Rigol Parera, Anna