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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Sep-2020Ambiguity, light and darkness in Henry James’s The portrait of a ladyNeculeac, Alina Mariana
15-Nov-2014Amor al vecino y cuestionamientos a la nación en la literatura del siglo diecinueveAndrés González, Rodrigo
15-Nov-2014Approaches to Aprroaching the NeighborAndrés González, Rodrigo
18-Oct-2013Beyond the Walls-Potentiality Aborted. The Politics of Intersubjective Universalism in Herman Melville’s ClarelLópez Peña, Laura
19-Dec-2014DeraciNation: Reading the Borderlands in the Fiction of Zoë WicombLytle, Cynthia
1-Sep-2016El afecto, las emociones y la enseñanza de literaturaAndrés González, Rodrigo
11-Jun-2020Emily Dickinson and Susan Huntington: a relationship that surpasses labelsBrunet Argelés, Abril (Kai)
3-Mar-2010The goals of writing in Edmund White's "The Farewell symphony" (1997): auto-fiction? (writer vs. narrator), survival literature and melancholiaOberti Oddi, Gaston Omar
20-Dec-2019Herman Melville para el futuro. Espacios domésticos y temporalidadesAndrés González, Rodrigo
16-Sep-2014La historia de una utopía fallida: proyectando una Europa cosmopolita y sin fronteras en "El mundo de ayer: memorias de un europeo" de Stefan ZweigFontanals García, David
Jun-2020It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing : translating black voices from The women of Brewster PlaceFulquet Martínez, Júlia
1997Jewish socialist feminism and motherhood in Tillie Olsen's "Tell me a riddle"Andrés González, Rodrigo
2012Lecturas que nos salvaronAndrés González, Rodrigo
28-Jun-2013Love thy Heterosexual Neighbor as Thyself: Othermothering, Responsibility, and the Traumatic Intrusion of the Lesbian in the Community of Brewster PlaceMuñoz Guillén, Laura
Jun-2015Multiple GamesThompson Mercader, Jan-Pol Estela
3-Sep-2019Northanger Abbey and "The Yellow Wallpaper": Gothic narratives of confinement, madness and imaginationCuadrado García, Daniel
25-Jan-2010Patricia Highsmith: en jaque al géneroLópez Gómez, Benjamín
11-Jun-2019Reconstructing the narrative A literary antidote to the meaning crisisBravo Górriz, Eric
19-May-2010The Role of the poet in the American Civil War: Walt Whitman's "Drum-Taps" (1865) and Herman Melville's "Battle-Pieces" (1866)López Peña, Laura
24-Mar-2011Stretching the limits of comfortable intelligibilities: defying (Author)itarianisms in Junot Díaz's "The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao" (2007)Pérez de Guzmán Vallejo, Cristian