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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Els polímers estructurals I la industria aeroespacial: una historia per concloureAndrés Llopis, Jaime de
1991La Aerinita como pigmento azul. Naturaleza, uso y estabilidadPalet i Casas, Antoni; Andrés Llopis, Jaime de
2002The prediction of chemical reactivity from first principles: Collision and reaction dynamicsAguilar Navarro, Antonio; Albertí i Wirsing, Margarida; Andrés Llopis, Jaime de; Giménez i Font, Xavier; Lucas Alcorta, José María
3-Apr-2017The role of Li+ ions in the gas phase dehydrohalogenation and dehydration reactions of i-C3H7Br and i-C3H7OH molecules studied by radiofrequency-guided ion beams techniques and ab initio methodsLópez, E.; Lucas Alcorta, José María; Andrés Llopis, Jaime de; Albertí i Wirsing, Margarida; Bofill i Villà, Josep M.; Aguilar Navarro, Antonio