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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Co(II) and Cu(II) fluorescent complexes with acridine based ligandsGholizadeh Dogaheh, Samira; Heras Ojea, M. J.; Rosado Piquer, Lidia; Artús i Surroca, Lluís; Khanmohammadi, Hamid; Aromí Bedmar, Guillem; Sañudo Zotes, Eva Carolina
21-Aug-2006The effect of substrate on high-temperature annealing of GaN epilayers: Si versus sapphirePastor Pastor, David; Cuscó i Cornet, Ramon; Artús i Surroca, Lluís; Iborra, Enrique; Jiménez, J.; Peiró Martínez, Francisca; González Díaz, Germán; Calleja Pardo, Enrique
9-Dec-2010Optical emission and Raman scattering in InGaN thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxyOliva Vidal, Robert
30-Oct-2015Phonons in III-nitride thinfilms, bulk and nanowires: a closer look into InN vibrational propertiesDomènech i Amador, Núria
29-May-2003Propiedades vibracionales en el sistema (In,Ga)AsHernández Márquez, Sergi
2010Structural and optical properties of dilute InAsN grown by molecular beam epitaxyIbáñez i Insa, Jordi; Oliva Vidal, Robert; Mare, M. de la; Schmidbauer, M.; Hernández Márquez, Sergi; Pellegrino, Paolo; Scurr, D. J.; Cuscó i Cornet, Ramon; Artús i Surroca, Lluís; Shafi, M.; Mari, R. H.; Henini, M.; Zhuang, Q.; Godenir, A.; Krier, A.
7-Jul-2009Vibrational properties of ZnO, group III-nitrides and dilute nitride alloysAlarcón Lladó, Esther