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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Determinacy and Weakly Ramsey sets in Banach spacesBagaria, Joan; López Abad, Jordi
12-Jul-2012Forcing Arguments in Infinite RamseyTheoryGarcía Ávila, Luz María
2003La teoria de Ramsey infinita. Una mica d'història i alguns resultats recents.Bagaria, Joan
14-Dec-2012Large cardinals and resurrection axiomsTsaprounis, Konstantinos
19-Jan-2018L’ombra del programa de HilbertBargalló Jiménez, Jordi
12-Apr-2002Projective forcing / Forcing projectiuBosch i Bastardas, Roger
29-Jun-2017The axiom of choice and its implications in mathematicsGarcia Tarrach, Gina