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2016Epigenetic inactivation of the putative DNA/RNA helicase SLFN11 in human cancer confers resistance to platinum drugsNogales, Vanesa; Reinhold, William C.; Varma, Sudhir; Martínez Cardús, Anna; Moutinho, Cátia; Moran, Sebastian; Heyn, Holger; Sebio, Ana; Barnadas i Molins, Agustí; Pommier, Yves; Esteller, Manel
6-Sep-2012Prescription refill, patient self-report and physician report in assessing adherence to oral endocrine therapy in early breast cancer patients: a restrospective cohort study in Catalonia, Spain.Font, Rebeca; Espinàs Piñol, Josep Alfons; Gil Gil, M.; Barnadas i Molins, Agustí; Ojeda, B.; Tusquets, I.; Seguí, M. A.; Margelí, M.; Arcusa, A.; Prat Marín, Andrés; García, M.; Borràs Andrés, Josep Maria