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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jun-2018A practical method to estimate the resolving power of a chemical sensor array: application to feature selectionFernández Romero, Luis; Yan, Jia; Fonollosa, Jordi; Burgués, Javier; Gutiérrez Gálvez, Agustín; Marco Colás, Santiago
30-Apr-2021Aerial mapping of odorous gases in a wastewater treatment plant using a small droneBurgués, Javier; Esclapez, María Deseada; Doñate, Silvia; Pastor, Laura; Marco Colás, Santiago
26-Apr-2019Application of an array of Metal-Oxide Semiconductor gas sensors in an assistant personal robot for early gas leak detectionPalacín Roca, Jordi; Martínez, David; Clotet Bellmunt, Eduard; Pallejà, Tomàs; Burgués, Javier; Fonollosa, Jordi; Pardo Martínez, Antonio; Marco Colás, Santiago
1-Jan-2022Characterization of odour emissions in a wastewater treatment plant using a drone-based chemical sensor systemBurgués, Javier; Doñate, Silvia; Esclapez, María Deseada; Saúco, Lidia; Marco Colás, Santiago
20-Apr-2017Chemical source localization fusing concentration information in the presence of chemical background noisePomareda Sesé, Victor; Magrans, Rudys; Jiménez-Soto, Juan M.; Martínez, Dani; Tresanchez, Marcel; Burgués, Javier; Palacín Roca, Jordi; Marco Colás, Santiago
8-Aug-2017Evaluation of MOX sensor characteristics in ultra-low power operation modes: Application to a semi-passive RFID tag for food logisticsPalacio Bonet, Francisco; Gómez Cama, José María; Burgués, Javier; Pruna Morales, Raquel; López de Miguel, Manuel; Scorzoni, Andrea; Zampolli, Stefano; Marco Colás, Santiago
18-Sep-2019Fast measurements with MOX sensors: A least-squares approach to blind deconvolutionMartínez, Dominique; Burgués, Javier; Marco Colás, Santiago
9-Sep-2021Global Calibration Models for Temperature-Modulated Metal Oxide Gas Sensors: A Strategy to Reduce Calibration CostsMiquel-Ibarz, Albert; Burgués, Javier; Marco Colás, Santiago
25-Jan-2018Low power operation of thermally-modulated metal oxide semiconductor gas sensorsBurgués, Javier; Marco Colás, Santiago
10-Apr-2020Pulsed-temperature metal oxide gas sensors for microwatt power consumptionPalacio Bonet, Francisco; Fonollosa, Jordi; Burgués, Javier; Gómez Cama, José María; Marco Colás, Santiago
16-Nov-2021RHINOS: A lightweight portable electronic nose for real-time odor quantification in wastewater treatment plantsBurgués, Javier; Esclapez, María Deseada; Doñate, Silvia; Marco Colás, Santiago
24-Jan-2019Smelling Nano Aerial Vehicle for Gas Source Localization and MappingBurgués, Javier; Hernández, Victor; Lilienthal, Achim J.; Marco Colás, Santiago