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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Apr-2017Clinical and therapeutic relevance of the metabolic oncogene fatty acid synthase in HER2+ breast cancer.Corominas-Faja, Bruna; Vellon, Luciano; Cuyàs, Elisabet; Buxó, Maria; Martin-Castillo, Begoña; Serra i Cucurull, Dolors; García Gómez, Jordi; Menendez, Javier A.; Lupu, Ruth
Feb-2016Contribution of changes in demography and in the risk factors to the predicted pattern of cancer mortality among Spanish women by 2022Clèries Soler, Ramon; Buxó, Maria; Martínez, José Miguel; Espinàs Piñol, Josep Alfons; Dyba, Tadeusz; Borràs Andrés, Josep Maria
May-2018Predicting the cancer burden in Catalonia between 2015 and 2025: the challenge of cancer management in the elderlyClèries Soler, Ramon; Ameijide, Alberto; Marcos Gragera, Rafael; Pareja, Laura; Carulla, Marià; Vilardell, Maria Loreto; Esteban, Laura; Buxó, Maria; Espinàs Piñol, Josep Alfons; Puigdefàbregas, A.; Ribes Puig, Josepa; Izquierdo i Font, Àngel Xavier; Galcerán, Jaume; Borràs Andrés, Josep Maria
2-Sep-2018Sentinel amenable mortality: a new way to assess the quality of healthcare by examining causes of premature death for which highly efficacious medical interventions are availableVergara-Duarte, Montse; Borrell i Thió, Carme; Pérez, Gloria; Martín Sánchez, Juan Carlos; Clèries Soler, Ramon; Buxó, Maria; Martínez-Solanas, Èrica; Yasui, Yutaka; Muntaner, Carles; Benach, Joan
Sep-2018WebSurvCa: estimación vía web de las probabilidades de fallecimiento y de supervivencia de una cohorteClèries Soler, Ramon; Ameijide, Alberto; Buxó, Maria; Vilardell, Mireia; Martínez, José Miguel; Alarcón, Francisco; Cordero Romera, David; Díez Villanueva, Anna; Yasui, Yutaka; Marcos Gragera, Rafael; Vilardell, Maria Loreto; Carulla, Marià; Galcerán, Jaume; Izquierdo i Font, Àngel Xavier; Moreno Aguado, Víctor; Borràs Andrés, Josep Maria