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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Aggregate monotonic stable single-valued solutions for cooperative gamesCalleja, Pere; Rafels, Carles; Tijs, Stef
May-2020Consistency, weak fairness and the Shapley valueCalleja, Pere; Llerena Garrés, Francesc
18-Jan-2019Jocs cooperatius i problemes de bancarrotaVentura Olivella, Marc
Aug-2020Monotonicity and Weighted Prenucleoli: A Characterization Without ConsistencyCalleja, Pere; Llerena Garrés, Francesc; Sudhölter, Peter
Mar-2019Path monotonicity, consistency and axiomatizations of some weighted solutionsCalleja, Pere; Llerena Garrés, Francesc
Jan-2017Rationality, aggregate monotonicity and consistency in cooperative games: some (im)possibility resultsCalleja, Pere; Llerena Garrés, Francesc
2019Systemic risk in financial systems: an axiomatic approachMartínez Alcaraz, Ana