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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Access by Capacity and Peak-Load PricingCalzada, Joan
2020Alliance membership impact on the Russian aviation marketSafronov, Roman
2013Broadband prices in the European Union : competition and commercial strategiesCalzada, Joan; Martínez Santos, Fernando
Apr-2021Can Communal Systems Work? The Effects of Communal Water Provision on Child Health in PeruCalzada, Joan; Iranzo Sancho, Susana
Dec-2017Community-Managed Water Services: The Case of PeruCalzada, Joan; Iranzo Sancho, Susana; Sanz Fernández, Àlex
1-Dec-2014Competencia en el mercado de banda ancha móvil en EspañaCalzada, Joan; Martínez Santos, Fernando
7-Jul-2015Competition and Regulation in the Retail Broadband Sector: a Holistic Approach for Pricing PoliciesMartínez Santos, Fernando
2021Do search engines increase concentration in media markets?Calzada, Joan; Duch Brown, Néstor; Gil, Ricard
13-Oct-2021Essays in Development EconomicsMoscoso Miranda, Henry Bernard
Jun-2018Fiber deployment in SpainCalzada, Joan; García Mariñoso, Begoña; Ribé, Jordi; Rubio Campillo, Rafael; Suárez, David
2017Fiber deployment in Spain [WP]Calzada, Joan; García Mariñoso, Begoña; Ribé, Jordi; Rubio Campillo, Rafael; Suárez, David
Jan-2022How do global airline alliances affect flight frequency? Evidence from RussiaCalzada, Joan; Fageda, Xavier, 1975-; Safronov, Roman
Sep-2017How to achieve full electrification: Lessons from Latin AmericaBanal Estañol, Albert; Calzada, Joan; Jordana, Jacint
2013La liberalización de las telecomunicaciones en España : control de la inflación y universalización del servicioCalzada, Joan; Costas Comesaña, Antón
2016La liberalización de las telecomunicaciones en España: objetivos europeos versus intereses nacionalesCalzada, Joan; Costas Comesaña, Antón
2019Mergers, branch consolidation and financial exclusion in the US bank marketCalzada, Joan; Fageda, Xavier, 1975-; Martínez Santos, Fernando
Jul-2018Net Neutrality in a Hyperlinked Internet EconomyCalzada, Joan; Tselekounis, Markos
2019Platform Price Parity Clauses and SegmentationCalzada, Joan; Manna, Ester; Mantovani, Andrea
Aug-2016Pricing strategies and competition in the mobile broadband marketCalzada, Joan; Martínez Santos, Fernando
Aug-2019Route expansion in the European air transport marketCalzada, Joan; Fageda, Xavier, 1975-