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4-Apr-2017Effect of Solvent Choice on the Self-Assembly Properties of a Diphenylalanine Amphiphile Stabilized by an Ion PairMayans, Enric; Ballano, Gema; Sendros, Javier; Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Campos, J. Lourdes; Puiggalí, Jordi; Cativiela, Carlos; Alemán, Carlos
2-Apr-2013Structure vs. properties chirality, optics and shapes in amphiphilic porphyrin J-aggregatesEl Hachemi, Zoubir; Escudero Rodríguez, Carlos; Acosta-Reyes, Francisco; Casas, M. Teresa; Altoe, Virginia; Aloni, Shaul; Oncins Marco, Gerard; Sorrenti, Alessandro; Crusats i Aliguer, Joaquim; Campos, J. Lourdes; Ribó i Trujillo, Josep M.