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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jan-2020Comprehensive analysis of GABAA-A1R developmental alterations in Rett Syndrome: setting the focus for therapeutic targets in the time frame of the diseaseOyarzabal, Alfonso; Xiol, Clara; Castells, Aina-Alba; Grau, Cristina; O'Callaghan, Mar; Fernàndez, Guerau; Alcántara Horrillo, Soledad; Pineda Marfà, Mercè; Armstrong i Morón, Judith; Altafaj, Xavier; Garcia-Cazorla, Àngels
24-Jun-2019Discovery of biomarker panels for neural dysfunction in inborn errors of amino acid metabolism.Castells, Aina-Alba; Gueraldi, Daniela; Balada Caballé, Rafael; Tristán Noguero, Alba; Cortès i Saladelafont, Elisenda; Ramos, Federico; Meavilla, Silvia; De Los Santos, Mariela; Garcia-Volpe, Camila; Colomé, Roser; Couce, Maria Luz; Sierra, Cristina; Ormazabal Herrero, Aida; Batllori, Marta; Artuch Iriberri, Rafael; Armstrong, Judith; Alcántara Horrillo, Soledad; Garcia-Cazorla, Àngels
1-Aug-2012Pulmonary delivery of Interleukin 7 provides efficient and safe delivery to the aging immune systemMitchell, Wayne A; Castells, Aina-Alba; Lang, Pierre Olivier; Matas, Emmanuel; Lapenna, Antonio; Aspinall, Richard
3-Feb-2021Unraveling Molecular Pathways Altered in MeCP2-Related Syndromes, in the Search for New Potential Avenues for TherapyCastells, Aina-Alba; Balada, Rafel; Tristán Noguero, Alba; O’Callaghan, Mar; Cortès i Saladelafont, Elisenda; Pascual Alonso, Ainhoa; Garcia Cazorla, Àngels; Armstrong, Judith; Alcántara Horrillo, Soledad