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21-Sep-2017Association between gender and short-term outcome in patients with ST elevation myocardial infraction participating in the international, prospective, randomised administration of ticagrelor in the catheterisation laboratory or in the ambulance for new ST elevation myocardial infarction to open the coronary artery (ATLANTIC) trial: a prespecified analysisVenetsanos, Dimitrios; Sederholm Lawesson, Sofia; Alfredsson, Joakim; Janzon, Magnus; Cequier Fillat, Àngel R.; Chettibi, Mohamed; Goodman, Shaun G.; Van't Hof, Arnoud W.; Montalescot, Gilles; Swahn, Eva
11-Sep-2014Prehospital ticagrelor in ST-segment elevation myocardial infarctionMontalescot, Gilles; Van't Hof, Arnoud W.; Lapostolle, Frédéric; Silvain, Johanne; Lassen, Jens Flensted; Bolognese, Leonardo; Cantor, Warren J.; Cequier Fillat, Àngel R.; Chettibi, Mohamed; Goodman, Shaun G.; Hammett, Christopher J.; Huber, Kurt; Janzon, Magnus; Merkely, Béla; Storey, Robert F.; Zeymer, Uwe; Stibbe, Olivier; Ecollan, Patrick; Heutz, Wim M.J.M.; Swahn, Eva; Collet, Jean-Philippe; Willems, Frank F.; Baradat, Caroline; Licour, Muriel; Tsatsaris, Anne; Vicaut, Eric; Hamm, C. W. (Christian W.)