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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Jun-2020A geometric approach to quantum entanglement classificationVilası́s i Gasulla, Marcel
13-Aug-2020Almost Hermitian IdentitiesCirici, Joana; Wilson, Scott O.
5-Nov-2014$E_{1}$-Formality of complex algebraic varietiesCirici, Joana; Guillén Santos, Francisco
18-Jan-2019Efficient unitary approximations in quantum computing: the Solovay-Kitaev theoremLumbreras Zarapico, Josep
21-Jun-2020Emergence of causality from the geometry of spacetimesForbicia León, Roberto
23-Jun-2012Homotopical Aspects of Mixed Hodge TheoryCirici, Joana
23-Jan-2021Quantum algorithms for function optimizationOrtega Ballesteros, Gerard
2019Sullivan minimal models of operad algebrasCirici, Joana; Roig, Agustí
2-Jul-2020Topological quantum field theoriesBaixas Estradé, Jaume
2-Sep-2014Weight filtration on the cohomology of complex analytic spacesCirici, Joana; Guillén Santos, Francisco