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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jun-2013ADHD symptomatology in eating disorders: a secondary psychopathological measure of severity?Fernández Aranda, Fernando; Agüera, Zaida; Castro, Rita; Jiménez-Murcia, Susana; Ramos Quiroga, Josep Antoni; Bosch, Rosa; Fagundo, Ana Beatriz; Granero, Roser; Penelo, Eva; Claes, Laurence; Sánchez Zaplana, Isabel; Riesco, Nadine; Casas, Miquel; Menchón Magriñá, José Manuel
2015Clinical, psychopathological, and personality characteristics associated with ADHD among individuals seeking treatment for gambling disorderAymamí, Maria Neus; Jiménez-Murcia, Susana; Granero, Roser; Ramos Quiroga, Josep Antoni; Fernández Aranda, Fernando; Claes, Laurence; Sauvaget, Anne; Grall Bronnec, Marie; Gómez-Peña, Mónica; Savvidou, Lamprini G.; Fagundo, Ana Beatriz; Pino Gutiérrez, Amparo Del; Moragas, Laura; Casas, Miquel; Penelo, Eva; Menchón Magriñá, José Manuel
1-Jan-2015Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Trans People: Associations with Psychological Symptoms, Victimization, Interpersonal Functioning, and Perceived Social SupportClaes, Laurence; Bouman, Walter Pierre; Witcomb, Gemma L.; Thurston, Megan; Fernández Aranda, Fernando; Arcelus, Jon
Apr-2016Sociodemographic Variables, Clinical Features, and the Role of Preassessment Cross-Sex Hormones in Older Trans PeopleBouman, Walter Pierre; Claes, Laurence; Marshall, Ellen; Pinner, Gill T.; Longworth, Julia; Maddox, Victoria; Witcomb, Gemma L.; Jiménez-Murcia, Susana; Fernández Aranda, Fernando; Arcelus, Jon
26-May-2015Systematic review and meta-analysis of prevalence studies in transsexualismArcelus, Jon; Bouman, Walter Pierre; Van Den Noortgate, Win; Claes, Laurence; Witcomb, Gemma L.; Fernández Aranda, Fernando
20-May-2015The Relationship between Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and the UPPS-P Impulsivity Facets in Eating Disorders and Healthy ControlsClaes, Laurence; Islam, Mohammed Anisul; Fagundo, Ana Beatriz; Jiménez-Murcia, Susana; Granero, Roser; Agüera, Zaida; Rossi, Elisa; Menchón Magriñá, José Manuel; Fernández Aranda, Fernando