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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jun-2020Chemical selectivity in electrochemical surface oxidation enhanced Raman scatteringPerez-Estebanez, Martín; Hernandez, Sheila; Perales-Rondon, Juan V.; Gómez, Elvira; Heras, A.; Colina, Álvaro A.
4-Oct-2020Determination of nicotamide in a multivitamin complex by electrochemical-surface enhanced Raman spectroscopyHernandez, Sheila; Perales-Rondon, Juan V.; Arnaiz, Álvaro; Perez-Estebanez, Martín; Gómez, Elvira; Colina, Álvaro A.; Heras, Aranzazu
19-Oct-2017Janus electrochemistry: asymmetric functionalization in one stepIbañez, David; Vallés Giménez, Elisa; Gómez, Elvira; Colina, Álvaro A.; Heras, Aranzazu
20-Jul-2017Silver nanoparticles/free-standing carbon nanotube Janus membranesIbañez, David; Galindo, M.; Colina, Álvaro A.; Vallés Giménez, Elisa; Heras, Aranzazu; Gómez, Elvira
23-May-2018Spectroelectrochemical monitoring of contaminants during the electrochemical filtration process using free-standing carbon nanotube filtersIbañez, David; Gómez, Elvira; Vallés Giménez, Elisa; Colina, Álvaro A.; Heras, Aranzazu