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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Mar-2022Integration of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis technologies in polyphenols recovery schemes from winery and olive mill wastes by aqueous-based processing.Tapia-Quirós, Paulina; Montenegro Landívar, María; Reig, Mònica; Vecino, Xanel; Saurina, Javier; Granados i Juan, Mercè; Cortina, José Luis
28-Jun-2022Recovery of natural polyphenols from spinach and orange by-products by pressure-driven membrane processesMontenegro Landívar, María Fernanda; Tapia Quirós, Paulina; Vecino, Xanel; Reig, Mónica; Granados i Juan, Mercè; Farran, Adriana; Cortina, José Luis; Saurina, Javier; Valderrama, César
4-May-2021Zn-Mg and Zn-Cu alloys for stenting applications: From nanoscale mechanical characterization to in vitro degradation and biocompatibilityGarcía Mintegui, Claudia; Catalina Córdoba, Laura; Buxadera-Palomero, Judit; Marquina, Marquina; Jiménez-Piqué, Emilio; Ginebra, Maria-Pau; Cortina, José Luis; Pegueroles, Marta