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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003$2S_4 * Q_8$-extensions in characteristic 3Crespo Vicente, Teresa
29-Jun-2017Algebraic groups and Tannakian categoriesSala Fernandez, Guillem
11-Sep-2019Algorithmic Hopf Galois theorySalguero Garcı́a, Marta
1999Arithmetical problems in number fields, abelian varieties and modular formsBayer i Isant, Pilar, 1946-; Vila, Núria (Vila i Oliva); Arenas, A. (Àngela), 1955-; Crespo Vicente, Teresa; Travesa i Grau, Artur
1997Construction of 2̂m S_n- fields containing a C_(2̂m ) - fieldCrespo Vicente, Teresa
1991Embedding Galois problems and reduced normsCrespo Vicente, Teresa
1997Galois representations, embedding problems and modular formsCrespo Vicente, Teresa
13-Sep-2010Galois Theory of Module FieldsHeiderich, Florian
27-Jun-2016Hopf Galois theory of separable field extensionsSalguero Garcı́a, Marta
19-Jan-2018Infinite Galois theorySánchez Rodríguez, Ignasi
2016On the Galois correspondence theorem in separable Hopf Galois theoryCrespo Vicente, Teresa; Rio, Anna; Vela del Olmo, Ma. Montserrat
2005On vectorial polynomials and coverings in characteristic 3Crespo Vicente, Teresa; Hajto, Zbigniew
29-Jun-2017Real forms of complex algebraic groupsGebbia, Giancarlo
25-Feb-1988Sobre el problema de inmersión de la Teoría de GaloisCrespo Vicente, Teresa
2004The Valentiner group as Galois groupCrespo Vicente, Teresa; Hajto, Zbigniew