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6-May-2021A single Epley manoeuvre can improve self-perceptions of disability (quality of life) in patients with pc-BPPV: a randomised controlled trial in primary careCarrillo Muñoz, Ricard; Ballvé Moreno, José Luis; Villar Balboa, Iván; Rando-Matos, Yolanda; Cunillera, Oriol; Almeda, Jesús; Vertigo Study Group in Florida Primary Care
26-Oct-2015Appropriateness of colonoscopy requests according to EPAGE-II in the Spanish region of CataloniaMarzo Castillejo, Mercè; Almeda, Jesús; Mascort Roca, Juanjo; Cunillera, Oriol; Saladich, Rosa; Nieto, Raquel; Piñeiro, Pilar; Llagostera, Maria; Cantero, Francesc Xavier; Segarra, Manel; Puente, Diana
1-Oct-2021Responses to the Dix-Hallpike test in primary care: a comparison between subjective and objective benign paroxysmal positional vertigoBallvé Moreno, José Luis; Carrillo Muñoz, Ricard; Rando-Matos, Yolanda; Villar Balboa, Iván; Cunillera, Oriol