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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jul-2012Sirolimus and secondary skin-cancer prevention in kidney transplantationEuvrard, Sylvie; Morelon, Emmanuel; Morelon, Lionel Rostaing; Goffin, Eric; Brocard, Anabelle; Tromme, Isabelle; Broeders, Nilufer; Marmol, Veronique del; Chatelet, Valérie; Dompmartin, Anne; Kessler, Michèle; Serra, Andreas L.; Hofbauer, Günther F.L.; Pouteil-Noble, Claire; Campistol Plana, Josep M.; Kanitakis, Jean; Roux, Adeline S.; Decullier, Evelyne; Dantal, Jacques; Cruzado, Josep Ma.; TUMORAPA Study Group
28-Aug-2008Systematic review of the empirical evidence of study publication bias and outcome reporting biasDwan, Kerry; Altman, Douglas G.; Arnaiz Gargallo, Juan Alberto; Bloom, Jill; Chan, An-Wen; Cronin, Eugenia; Decullier, Evelyne; Easterbrook, Philippa; Elm, Erik Von; Gamble, Carrol; Ghersi, Davina; Ioannidis, John P. A.; Simes, John; Williamson, Paula R.