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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Oct-2015A contribution to resource recovery from wastewater. Anaerobic processes for organic matter and nitrogen treatmentBasset Olivé, Núria
Jun-2019Assessing Volatile Fatty Acids production from food waste at MBT plants: focusing on temperature influenceFernández Domínguez, David
24-Feb-2017Cap a un millor coneixement de l'aigua i el seu mónCentellas Masuet, Francesc A.; Centelles Serra, Josep Joan; Dosta Parras, Joan; Garcia Segura, Sergio; González Azón, María del Carmen; Granell Sanvicente, Jaime Ramón; Gutiérrez i Currius, Albert; Vallés Giménez, Elisa; Xuriguera Martín, María Elena
Jun-2014Comparative Study of New Configurations of the Water Line of Municipal WWTP to Improve its Energy and Environmental SustainabilityAguilera i Mengual, Xavier
Jun-2017Development of 3 new Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF) with high calorific value from solid wasteBedmar Alonso, Bàrbara
17-Aug-2019Enhancement of volatile fatty acids production from food waste by mature compost additionCheah, Yen Keong; Dosta Parras, Joan; Mata Álvarez, Joan
6-Dec-2019Exploring the potential of co-fermenting sewage sludge and lipids in a resource recovery scenarioPeces, Miriam; Pozo, Guillermo; Koch, Konrad; Dosta Parras, Joan; Astals Garcia, Sergi
6-May-2019Fatigue bending behavior of cold-sprayed nickel-based superalloy coatingsSilvello, A. (Alessio); Cavaliere, P.; Rizzo, A.; Valerini, D.; Dosta Parras, Joan; García Cano, Irene
19-Sep-2019Implementation of a selector for sludge settling enhancement in an activated sludge system treating petrochemical wastewateCardete García, Mª Alicia
Jun-2017Manure storage and its effect over N-related compounds emissionsValero Villarón, Alba
9-Jan-2021Nitrogen recovery from pig slurry by struvite precipitation using a low-cost magnesium oxideAstals Garcia, Sergi; Martínez-Martorell, M.; Huete Hernández, Sergio; Aguilar Pozo, Verónica Belén; Dosta Parras, Joan; Chimenos Ribera, Josep Ma.
23-Oct-2007Operation and model description of advanced biological nitrogen removal treatments of highly ammonium loaded wastewatersDosta Parras, Joan
Jun-2015Operation of an Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor at low temperaturesColl Aguilar, Àgueda
Jun-2014Optimization of an anaerobic membrane bioreactor (anmbr) treating winery wastewaterSantos Clotas, Eric
Jun-2014Phosphorus recovery as hydroxyapatite (HAP) from urban wastewaters using nanofiltration and reverse osmosis brinesHidalgo López, Gádor Indra
15-Jul-2018Simultaneous ammonium and phosphate recovery and stabilization from urban sewage sludge anaerobic digestates using reactive sorbentsQuerol Carceller, Xavier; Dosta Parras, Joan; Valderrama, César; Licon Bernal, Edxon Eduardo; Moreno, Natalia; Hermassi, Mehrez; Batis, Narjes H.; Cortina, Jose Luis
17-Dec-2015Strategies to improve anaerobic digestion of wastes with especial attention to lignocellulosic substratesFonoll Almansa, Xavier
Jun-2013Study of the anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) technology for urban wastewater treatmentGalmés Artigues, Maria del Mar
11-Nov-2019Techno-economic analysis of combining forward osmosis-reverse osmosis and anaerobic membrane bioreactor technologies for municipal wastewater treatment and water productionVinardell Cruañas, Sergi; Astals Garcia, Sergi; Mata Álvarez, Joan; Dosta Parras, Joan