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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2014A chemo-centric view of human health and diseaseDuran Frigola, Miquel; Rossell, David; Aloy, Patrick, 1972-
29-Jun-2017Detecting similar binding pockets to enable systems polypharmacologyDuran Frigola, Miquel; Siragusa, Lydia; Ruppin, Eytan; Barril Alonso, Xavier; Cruciani, Gabriele; Aloy, Patrick, 1972-
10-Dec-2015Residues coevolution guides the systematic identification of alternative functional conformations in proteinsSfriso, Pedro; Duran Frigola, Miquel; Mosca, Roberto; Emperador, Agustí; Aloy, Patrick, 1972-; Orozco López, Modesto