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Jul-2011Gastrin treatment stimulates beta cell regeneration and improves glucose tolerance in 95% pancreatectomized ratsTéllez i Besolí, Noèlia; Joanny Ordóñez, Géraldine; Escoriza, Jessica; Vilaseca Barceló, Marina; Montanya Mias, Eduard
Apr-2011Glucose-dependent changes in SNARE proyein levels in pancreatic beta-cellsTorrejón-Escribano, Benjamín; Escoriza, Jessica; Montanya Mias, Eduard; Blasi Cabús, Joan
Oct-2012Increased beta cell replication, and beta cell mass regeneration in syngeneically transplanted rat islets overexpressing insulin-like growth factor-IIEstil·les Altimiras, Elisabet; Téllez i Besolí, Noèlia; Escoriza, Jessica; Montanya Mias, Eduard