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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Dec-20183d and/or 4f coordination compounds derived from chiral Schiff bases: magnetic and spectroscopic studyMayans Ayats, Júlia
2-Aug-2016A Ni11 coordination cluster from the use of the di-2-pyridyl ketone/acetate ligand combination: synthetic, structural and magnetic studiesEfthymiou, Constantinos G.; Mylonas-Margaritis, Ioannis; Raptopoulou, Catherine P.; Psycharis, Vassilis; Escuer Fité, Albert; Papatriantafyllopoulou, Constantina; Perlepes, Spyros P.
15-Sep-2019Chiral mononuclear lanthanide complexes derived from chiral Schiff bases: Structural and magnetic studiesMayans Ayats, Júlia; Sorace, L.; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Escuer Fité, Albert
2018Chiral tetranuclear NiII clusters derived from Schiff bases and azido co-ligands.Mayans Ayats, Júlia; Martin, Anna; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Escuer Fité, Albert
7-Jul-2018Chiroptical and magnetic properties of star-shaped Fe-4(III) complexes from chiral Schiff bases. Structural and magnetic correlations based on continuous shape measuresMayans Ayats, Júlia; Font-Bardia, Merce; Escuer Fité, Albert
20-Jul-2012Compostos polinuclears de Coure i Manganès amb lligands oxima. Estudi magnètic.Cordero Crespo, Beatriz
2016Cooper (II) Cubanes with (Cu4O4) core and well defined S=1 ground stateEscuer Fité, Albert; Mayans Ayats, Júlia; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes
1-Jul-2019Decanuclear FeIII clusters with hemiacetal ligands: a new{M10(μ3-O)8} cluster coreMayans Ayats, Júlia; Roc, L.; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Escuer Fité, Albert
7-Jun-2013Design, synthesis and study of coordination complexes for quantum computingAguilà Avilés, David
1-Jul-2016Dinuclear cobalt(III) and mixed valence trinuclear Mn-III-Mn-II-Mn-III complexes with a tripodal bridging pyridylaminophenol ligandDavila, Ruben; Farias, Nicolas; Sañudo Zotes, Eva Carolina; Vega, Andres; Escuer Fité, Albert; Soler, Monica; Manzur, Jorge
14-Jan-2019Enhancement of magnetic relaxation properties with 3d diamagnetic cations in [ZnIILnIII] and [NiIILnIII], LnIII=Kramers lanthanidesMayans Ayats, Júlia; Saez, Queralt; Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Escuer Fité, Albert
1-Apr-2017Four new families of polynuclear Zn-Ln coordination clusters. Synthetic, topological, magnetic, and luminescent aspectsGriffiths, Kieran; Mayans Ayats, Júlia; Shipman, Michael A.; Tizzard, Graham J.; Coles, Simon J.; Blight, Barry A.; Escuer Fité, Albert; Kostakis, George E.
28-May-2018From Mesocates to Helicates: Structural, Magnetic and Chiro-Optical Studies on Nickel(II) Supramolecular Assemblies Derived from Tetradentate Schiff BasesMayans Ayats, Júlia; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Di Bari, L.; Arrico, L.; Zinna, F.; Pescitelli, G.; Escuer Fité, Albert
7-Oct-2018Mononuclear lanthanide(III)-salicylideneaniline complexes: synthetic, structural, spectroscopic and magnetic studiesMylonas-Margaritis, Ioannis; Maniaki, Diamantoula; Mayans, Julia; Ciammaruchi, Laura; Bekiari, Vlasoula; Raptopoulou, Catherine P.; Psycharis, Vassilis; Christodoulou, Sotirios; Escuer Fité, Albert; Perlepes, Spyros P.
1-Apr-2019{Ni4} Cubanes from enantiomerically pure 2-(1-hydroxyethyl)pyridine ligands: supramolecular chiralityMayans Ayats, Júlia; Athanasopoulou, A.A.; Pham, A.T.; Font Bardia, Ma. Mercedes; Mazarakioti, E.C.; Pilkington, M.; Stamatatos, T.C.; Escuer Fité, Albert
3-Jun-2014Síntesi i estudi magnètic de compostos polinuclears de Ni(II) amb lligands piridiloximaEsteban Jarne, Jordi
Jun-2017Syntheses of coordination compounds with chiral Schiff bases. Optic and magnetic studySáez Feixas, Queralt