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23-May-2012New Species in the Old World: Europe as a Frontier in Biodiversity Exploration, a Test Bed for 21st Century TaxonomyFontaine, Benoît; Achterberg, Kees van; Alonso Zarazaga, Miguel Angel; Araujo, Rafael; Asche, Manfred; Aspöck, Horst; Aspöck, Ulrike; Audisio, Paolo; Aukema, Berend; Bailly, Nicolas; Balsamo, Maria; Bank, Ruud A.; Belfiore, Carlo; Bogdanowicz, Wieslaw; Boxshall, Geoffrey; Burckhardt, Daniel; Chylarecki, Przemysław; Deharveng, Louis; Dubois, Alain; Gómez López, María Soledad