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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jul-2021Analysis of Healthy Lifestyle Habits and Oral Health in a Patient Sample at the Dental Hospital of the University of BarcelonaTorrejon Moya, Aina; Gonzalez Navarro, Beatriz; Roca Millan, Elisabet; Estrugo Devesa, Albert; López López, José, 1958-
1-Feb-2017Analytical parameters and vital signs in patients subjected to dental extractionJané Pallí, E. (Enric); Arranz Obispo, Carlos; Gonzalez Navarro, Beatriz; Murat, Jesús; Ayuso Montero, Raúl; Rojas, Santiago; Santamaría, Amparo; Jané Salas, Enric; López López, José, 1958-
23-May-2021Incidence rate of metastases in the oral cavity: a review of all metastatic lesions in the oral cavityOliver Puigdomènech, Clàudia; Gonzalez Navarro, Beatriz; Polis-Yanes, Carlos; Estrugo Devesa, Albert; Jané Salas, Enric; López López, José, 1958-
Mar-2014Maxillary dentigerous cyst and supernumerary tooth. Is it a frequent association?Gonzalez Navarro, Beatriz; Jané Salas, Enric; Teixidor Olmo, I.; Font i Muñoz, Aura; Juarez Escalona, Inma; López López, José, 1958-
1-Dec-2015Pyogenic granuloma/Peripheral giant-cell granuloma associated with implantsJané Salas, Enric; Alburquerque, Rui; Font i Muñoz, Aura; Gonzalez Navarro, Beatriz; Estrugo Devesa, Albert; López López, José, 1958-
16-Sep-2019The Application of Statins in the Regeneration of Bone Defects. Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisRoca Millan, Elisabet; Gonzalez Navarro, Beatriz; Izquierdo-Gómez, Keila; Marí Roig, Antonio; Jané Salas, Enric; López López, José, 1958-; Velasco Ortega, Eugenio