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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2018Available encapsulation technologies at industrial level for cosmetic applicationsGonzález Arias, Noelia
Jun-2018Bibliographical study of water-in-water emulsions and their stabilizationViladomiu Jover, David
Jan-2016Cocoa extracts encapsulations for avoiding polyphenols degradation.Taifi, Mouna
2011Coexistence of Two Kinds of Fluorinated Hydrogenated Micelles as Building Blocks for the Design of Bimodal Mesoporous Silica with Two Ordered Mesopore NetworksMay Masnou, Anna; Stébé, Marie José; Gutiérrez González, José María, 1953-; Blin, Jean Luc
7-Mar-2013Contribució a l’estudi de les propietats reològiques dels sucs i derivats de fruitesFalguera i Pascual, Víctor
Jan-2019Design of a batch plant for quinoline derivatives manufactureSastre Galmés, Josep
Jun-2019Design of a Calcium Ammonium Nitrate production plantRomero Díaz, Albert
Jun-2016Design of a plant for extraction and purification of pectinMartínez Pizarro, Saray
Jan-2014Determination and validation of an assay generic matrix for coating development in automotive plastic pieces.Gutiérrez Escolano, Enrique
Jan-2014Development and validation of a method for the determination of mottling as an application defect in automotive paintsPujol Gasulla, Andreu
Jun-2018Development of a hand sanitizer with moisturizing properties for medical useEspada Santana, Roger
Jun-2018Development of a process for CiticolineCaubera Moreno, Christian
Sep-2019Development of food packaging systems that improve their conservationMartínez Pizarro, Saray
Jun-2019Development of functional facial creams and their manufacturing processCantero del Castillo, Judith
Jan-2019Development of three salad dressings: a vinaigrette, a sweet salad dressing and a vegan salad dressingCambray Àlvarez, Clara
Jun-2017Energetic optimization of lyophilisationLarumbe Gonfaus, Marc
Jan-2014Experimental study of the additives influence on the forming process, stability and rheology of the whipped cream.Chavarrio Colmenares, Any Juliet
19-Feb-2008Formació de nano-emulsions en sistemes amb tensioactius iònics mitjançant mètodes de condensació o de baixa energiaSolé Font, Isabel
13-Jun-2014Insights into nanomaterials: from surfactant systems to meso/macroporous materials and nanoparticlesMay Masnou, Anna
Jun-2014New multicomponent laundry system, “ECOLABEL”, at low temperatures and with low water consumption for industrial laundriesSabater Sala, Albert