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28-Aug-2019A novel and simple formula to predict liver mass in porcine experimental models.Martínez de la Maza, Lilia; Prado, Verónica; Hessheimer, Amelia Judith; Muñoz, Javier; García-Valdecasas Salgado, Juan Carlos; Fondevila Campo, Constantino
13-Apr-2011Characterization and prevention of the “small-for-size” syndrome in a porcine model of hepatic transplantHessheimer, Amelia Judith
20-Apr-2020Donation after circulatory death liver transplantation: consensus statements from the Spanish Liver Transplantation SocietyHessheimer, Amelia Judith; Gastaca, Mikel; Miñambres, Eduardo; Colmenero, Jordi; Fondevila Campo, Constantino; SETH Working Group on DCD
28-Dec-2017Infiltrative xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis mimicking aggressive gallbladder carcinoma: A diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmaSouto Nacif, Lucas; Hessheimer, Amelia Judith; Rodríguez Gómez, Sonia; Montironi, Carla; Fondevila Campo, Constantino
19-May-2020Laparoscopic versus open hemihepatectomy: comprehensive comparison of complications and costs at 90 days using a propensity methodRiquelme, Francisco; Muñoz, Cesar; Ausania, Fabio; Hessheimer, Amelia Judith; Torres, Ferran; Calatayud, David; Sandomenico, Raffaele; García Pérez, Rocío; Ferrer, Joana; Fuster Obregón, Josep; García-Valdecasas Salgado, Juan Carlos; Fondevila Campo, Constantino
28-Jul-2015Pheochromocytoma as a rare cause of arterial hypertension in a patient with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease: A diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma.Hessheimer, Amelia Judith; Vidal Pérez, Oscar; Valentini, Mauro; García-Valdecasas Salgado, Juan Carlos
22-May-2019Somatostatin and the 'Small-For-Size' LiverHessheimer, Amelia Judith; Martínez de la Maza, Lilia; Adel Al Shwely, Farah; Espinoza, Arlena Sofía; Ausania, Fabio; Fondevila Campo, Constantino