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2016Comparison of treatment outcomes in severe personality disorder patients with or without substance use disorders: a 36-month prospective pragmatic follow-up study.Lana, Fernando; Sánchez Gil, Carmen; Adroher, Núria D.; Pérez, Víctor; Feixas i Viaplana, Guillem; Martí Bonany, Josep; Torrens, Marta
21-Jan-2016Psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation-Outcome Measure.Trujillo, Adriana; Feixas i Viaplana, Guillem; Bados López, Arturo; García Grau, Eugeni; Salla, Marta; Medina Alcaraz, Juan Carlos; Montesano del Campo, Adrián; Soriano, José; Medeiros-Ferreira, Leticia; Cañete Crespillo, Josep; Corbella, Sergi; Grau, Antoni; Lana, Fernando; Evans, Chris