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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2019Improved synthesis and characterization of cholesteryl oleate-loaded cationic solid lipid nanoparticles with high transfection efficiency for gene therapy applicationsSuñé Pou, Marc; Limeres, Maria J.; Nofrerias Roig, Isaac; Nardi Ricart, Anna; Prieto-Sánchez, Silvia; El Yousfi, Younes; Pérez Lozano, Pilar; García Montoya, Encarna; Miñarro Carmona, Montserrat; Ticó Grau, Josep R.; Hernández-Munain, Cristina; Suñé, Carlos; Suñé i Negre, Josep M. (Josep Maria)
2020Innovative Therapeutic and Delivery Approaches Using Nanotechnology to Correct Splicing Defects Underlying DiseaseSuñé Pou, Marc; Limeres, Maria J.; Moreno Castro, Cristina; Hernández-Munain, Cristina; Suñé i Negre, Josep M. (Josep Maria); Cuestas, María L.; Suñé, Carlos