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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jan-2021Analysis of the Financial Impact of Using Cangrelor on the Safety and Efficacy Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Whom Oral Therapy with P2Y12 Inhibitors is Not Feasible or Desirable, in SpainLizano Díez, Irene; Paz Ruiz, Silvia
20-Nov-2015Caracterización de los usuarios polimedicados y análisis de la implantación de la receta electrónicaLizano Díez, Irene
20-Apr-2021Effects of the Off-Label Drug Prescription in the Paediatric Population in Spain from the Adoption of the Latest European Regulation: A Pre-Post StudyLizano Díez, Irene; Aldalur-Uranga, Itziar; Figueiredo Escribá, Carlos de; Lastra, Cecilia; Mariño Hernández, Eduardo L.; Modamio Charles, Pilar
29-Jan-2020Prevention strategies to identify LASA errors: building and sustaining a culture of patient safetyLizano Díez, Irene; Figueiredo Escribá, Carlos de; Piñero López, Maria Ángeles; Fernández Lastra, Cecilia; Mariño Hernández, Eduardo L.; Modamio Charles, Pilar
12-Dec-2013Profile, cost and pattern of prescriptions for polymedicated patients in Catalonia, SpainLizano Díez, Irene; Modamio Charles, Pilar; López Calahorra, Pilar; Fernández Lastra, Cecilia; Gilabert-Perramon, Antoni; Segú Tolsà, Josep Lluís; Mariño Hernández, Eduardo L.