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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Mar-2020A Targeted Approach by High Resolution Mass Spectrometry to Reveal New Compounds in RaisinsEscobar Avello, Danilo; Olmo-Cunillera, Alexandra; Lozano-Castellón, Julián; Marhuenda-Muñoz, María; Vallverdú i Queralt, Anna
17-Oct-2020Conservation of native wild ivory-white olives from the Medes Islands natural reserve to maintain virgin olive oil diversityLópez-Yerena, Anallely; Ninot, Antònia; Lozano-Castellón, Julián; Escribano Ferrer, Elvira; Romero Aroca, Agustí J.; Belaj, Angjelina; Vallverdú i Queralt, Anna; Lamuela Raventós, Rosa Ma.
16-Nov-2017Different polyphenol excretion between two populations following a 40th parallel dietMarhuenda-Muñoz, María; Lozano-Castellón, Julián; Vilas-Franquesa, Arnau; Ros Rahola, Emilio; Sala Vila, Aleix; Cofán Pujol, Montserrat; Lamuela Raventós, Rosa Ma.
2020Domestic Sautéing with EVOO: Change in the Phenolic ProfileLozano-Castellón, Julián; Vallverdú i Queralt, Anna; Rinaldi de Alvarenga, José Fernando; Illán Villanueva, Montserrat; Torrado, Xavier; Lamuela Raventós, Rosa Ma.
23-May-2019Effects of Organic and Conventional Growing Systems on the Phenolic Profile of Extra-Virgin Olive OilLópez-Yerena, Anallely; Lozano-Castellón, Julián; Olmo-Cunillera, Alexandra; Tresserra i Rimbau, Anna; Quifer Rada, Paola; Jiménez, Brígida; Pérez Bosch, Maria; Vallverdú i Queralt, Anna
19-Aug-2019Health-promoting properties of oleocanthal and oleacein: two secoiridoids from extra-virgin olive oilLozano-Castellón, Julián; López-Yerena, Anallely; Rinaldi de Alvarenga, José Fernando; Romero Del Castillo-Alba, Jaume; Vallverdú i Queralt, Anna; Escribano Ferrer, Elvira; Lamuela Raventós, Rosa Ma.
9-Mar-2021Impact of Novel Technologies on Virgin Olive Oil Processing, Consumer Acceptance, and the Valorization of Olive Mill WastesPérez Bosch, Maria; López-Yerena, Anallely; Lozano-Castellón, Julián; Olmo-Cunillera, Alexandra; Lamuela Raventós, Rosa Ma.; Martin-Belloso, Olga; Vallverdú i Queralt, Anna
20-May-2021Influence of the ripening stage and extraction conditions on the phenolic fingerprint of 'Corbella' extra-virgin olive oilLópez-Yerena, Anallely; Ninot, Antònia; Jiménez-Ruiz, Núria; Lozano-Castellón, Julián; Escribano Ferrer, Elvira; Romero Aroca, Agustí J.; Lamuela Raventós, Rosa Ma.; Vallverdú i Queralt, Anna
16-Mar-2020NMR Spectroscopy: A powerful tool for the analysis of polyphenols in extra virgin olive oilOlmo-Cunillera, Alexandra; López-Yerena, Anallely; Lozano-Castellón, Julián; Tresserra i Rimbau, Anna; Vallverdú i Queralt, Anna; Pérez Bosch, Maria
18-Oct-2019Phenolic Profile of Grape Canes: Novel Compounds Identified by LC-ESI-LTQ-Orbitrap-MSEscobar Avello, Danilo; Lozano-Castellón, Julián; Mardones, Claudia; Pérez, Andy J.; Saéz, Vania; Riquelme, Sebastián; Baer, Dietrich von; Vallverdú i Queralt, Anna
30-Mar-2021Total Analysis of the Major Secoiridoids in Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Validation of an UHPLC-ESI-MS/MS MethodLozano-Castellón, Julián; López-Yerena, Anallely; Olmo-Cunillera, Alexandra; Jáuregui Pallarés, Olga; Pérez Bosch, Maria; Lamuela Raventós, Rosa Ma.; Vallverdú i Queralt, Anna