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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Mar-2012Collaborative coupling between polymerase and helicase for leading-strand synthesisMañosas Castejón, María; Spiering, Michelle M.; Ding, Fangyuan; Croquette, Vincent; Benkovic, Stephen J.
30-Nov-2012Direct observation of stalled fork restart via fork regression in the T4 replication systemMañosas Castejón, María; Perumal, Senthil K.; Croquette, Vincent; Benkovic, Stephen J.
28-Sep-2018Experimental test of ensemble inequivalence and the fluctuation theorem in the force ensemble in DNA pulling experimentsMartínez Monge, Álvaro; Mañosas Castejón, María; Ritort Farran, Fèlix
31-May-2006Force-Dependent Fragility in RNA HairpinsMañosas Castejón, María; Collin, D.; Ritort Farran, Fèlix
31-Dec-2009Force-induced misfolding in RNAMañosas Castejón, María; Junier, Ivan; Ritort Farran, Fèlix
28-May-2019Free energy and information-content measurements in thermodynamic and molecular ensemblesMartínez Monge, Álvaro
2012Mechanism of strand displacement synthesis by DNA replicative polymerasesMañosas Castejón, María; Spiering, Michelle M.; Ding, Fangyuan; Bensimon, David; Allemand, Jean-François; Benkovic, Stephen J.; Croquette, Vincent
19-Feb-2009Recovery of Free Energy Branches in Single Molecule ExperimentsJunier, Ivan; Mossa, Alessandro; Mañosas Castejón, María; Ritort Farran, Fèlix
17-Feb-2015Single-molecule kinetics and footprinting of DNA bis-intercalation: the paradigmatic case of ThiocoralineCamuñas Soler, Joan; Mañosas Castejón, María; Frutos, Silvia; Albericio Palomera, Fernando; Ritort Farran, Fèlix; Tulla-Puche, Judit
27-Jun-2013Substrate-selective repair and restart of replication forks by DNA translocasesBétous, Rémy; Couch, Frank B.; Mason, Aaron C.; Eichman, Brandt F.; Mañosas Castejón, María; Cortez, David